The Complete Beginner’s Guide to First
Time Car Shipping

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to First Time Car Shipping

Making the decision to ship your car involves research and time, but once you do decide you will be happy that you did. The process can be made easy by educating yourself on a few best practices and being informed. In this article we will cover the car shipping process and a few things to keep in mind along the way. Be sure to take notes if this is your first time and if you have any questions feel free to send us an email! We love questions.

It all starts with a car shipping quote that you can request online. A car shipping quote will require you to fill in a form with information about your car as well as the type of service you are looking for. The more details you have about how, when and where you want your car shipped, the more accurate the quote will be.

An instant quote is a computer estimation option that a shipping company may offer which calculates how much it will cost you to ship your car. Although these are convenient in some situations because of the fast response, they may not be as accurate as regular quotes. Most companies will respond to your inquiry with a more in depth quote within 24-48 hours. Sometimes this is worth the wait. One of the many features that are listed in the quote that you may need to take into consideration is open transport orenclosed trailers. Although encloses trailers are more expensive than open trailers, they prevent potential rocks or elements from damaging your car. Features like this should be thought about beforehand and can affect the price of your quote.

What to do before and after you ship your car

There are many things you have to do before your car is already to be loaded on to the shipping truck, many of which will save you money and protect your vehicle.

  1. Wash your car. During transport there will be a lot of debris and washing your car ahead of time will ensure that your car is in drivable condition when it reaches the destination.
  2. Make sure the tires are full of air. During transport your car tires may lose some air, and it is better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Take almost all the gas out from the tank (leave about a gallon to make it to the gas station after the shipping).
  4. Take pictures of the car from every angle and take note of the date of the photos as well as the marks or damaged zones on it, this can be used if the shipping company damages your car.
  5. If your car has leaks or some malfunction, let the shipping company know. Most companies carry multiple cars at once, and knowing what order to load the cars in will help.
  6. Once you get your car shipped and before you sign off on the delivery. Check that your car´s condition is the same as it was when you released it to the shipping company.

Once the truck is gone it is too late to file complaints on the condition of your car.

With these tips and tricks shipping your car will be easy. Choose a company that not only has a good price, but that also has great customer service. You want to make sure that you can get in touch with the company if anything changes or you have questions. Good luck! And thanks for reading.

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