Ship a Car or Drive Cross Country?

Ship a Car or Drive Cross Country?

Driving your car across the country can be a great road trip, but it also requires time and money. Gas expenses can become overbearing as well, especially if you are driving a long distance. However, shipping your car won’t require your time and it is more convenient than driving.

Keep in mind that auto transport companies are professionals with car shipping so they can provide you greater results than what you will get driving your car across the country or an extended distance to your final destination. Even going from state to state can be a hassle when driving. The mileage you may be putting on your car will not be worth the costs in the long run. Here are the four major reasons it is better to have your car shipped for you, rather than driving it yourself.


A car shipping service can reduce considerably the risks and threats that your car can be exposed to if you drive it across the country. When driving your car, long distances can strain and damage your car, therefore, depreciating it. Even a good reliable car for your daily commute will show wear and tear on a lengthy mileage trip. It is not worth the risk.

No extra expenses

Shipping your car won’t require any expense rather than just the service. On the other hand, driving your car requires gas expenses, food, accommodations (unless you sleep in the car), etc. Moving can be expensive and with everything else you have paid for, adding a road trip to the list is straining. Road trips are not as cost-effective as people lead them on to be. They cost around the same as any other vacation and may shorten the life of your car substantially.

Time Saver

Most people are busy with their jobs and daily responsibilities, despite driving cross-country can be fun, many people just don’t have the time to do it. A car shipping service will do it for you without the time investment.You will not have to use your vacation hours you saved up from work and you won’t have to sacrifice any extra time or energy.


In general, the usage of a car shipping service is more convenient than driving your car. You probably have more than one car that needs tobe transported.A car shipping company can transport many cars at once which mean you can save even more time and money. Imagine if you had to drive two cars, the expenses will double as well as your time.

In conclusion, a car shipping service is better than driving your car especially if you have more than one and you don’t have time to do it yourself. Shipping your car is a very easy process and can save you more over time than you think. Whether it is a big move, little move, state to state or even off to college, shipping your car is the way to go. Do yourself a favor and save your car, expenses, time and convenience.

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