How To Ship Inoperable Vehicles

How To Ship Inoperable Vehicles

Car shipping is already a complicated process since there are many different factors to consider like the auto shipper you’ll hire, the quality of their services, the price, any damages that your vehicle can suffer during the trip, among so many things. However, what about when the vehicle is inoperable? Your car may not even start, it may not have wheels, or you might have had a collision that damaged it in such way that it just can’t roll. What can you do?

Luckily for you, there are some companies that are specialized in this kind of car shipping. So, when you’re looking for the best company to transport your car, you need to make sure they do these specific services with inoperable vehicles. And the reason is fairly simple. There’s a substantial difference when you’re talking about a traditional car shipment or an inoperable car shipment. In this last case, the company needs to have the right staff to handle the vehicle as well as they need to have the right equipment. As if these weren’t enough, the company needs more time to both load and unload the car and the damage risks are also higher. So, not surprisingly, when you need to ship an inoperable car it’s usually more expensive that shipping a car that runs.

So, how can you ship a car that doesn’t run?

#1: When there are no keys:

When there are no keys, you need to make sure that the wheels are pointing straight and that the transmission is in the neutral position.

In this case, a tow truck needs to be hired for an extra fee. The tow truck is needed for both to load the car at the pickup location as to unload when it reaches the final destination that is agreed.

#2: When the car has mechanical issues:

The mechanical issues occur when the car doesn’t start. It may be at any given stage of the transportation: on the pickup, in the middle of the transportation or at te delivery.

When the car has mechanical issues that don’t allow it to run or anyone to drive it, auto shipper companies use a winch to get the car both on and off the trailer.

#3: When the car has a collision damage:

Despite not all inoperable car shipment companies provide this service, the ones that do provide it use a forklift or a roll-back tow truck to load the car. Since it won’t roll, this is the only solution they have.


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