The 4 B’s to Auto Auction Buying Like a Pro

The 4 B’s to Auto Auction Buying Like a Pro

Buying a car in an auto auction is very convenient and beneficial nowadays. With low prices, and cars that just need a little love, it is possible to find some really good buys. However, the tricky part is knowing how to properly buy and take advantage of the situation. Buying anything at an auction is both a process and a game. With other bidders’ involved, high stakes and rules and regulations set forth by the auctioneer, you need to be educated in order to be successful. In this article, we are going to mention the four B’s that will help you become an auto auction shark and buy the car of your dreams. If you are a mechanic or dealership owner this will be especially beneficial for you because you can use these tips on numerous occasions making your business more profitable.

Be funded

Although auto auctions might be a bargain, you have to keep in mind that the cars are not brand new which means they have had a trajectory and a useful life. Be prepared to pay in full and immediately for the price you are bidding on the car. You should have more money than the price of the car for future reparations. Used cars require maintenance especially when they have a lot of time parked. Also take into consideration the price for the cost of tags, emissions, tax and etc. You will most likely need to visit a few state offices to get everything in order with your recently purchased car. There is nothing worse than buying a car that you can’t drive.

Be aware

Before you go to an auto auction to actually buy a car, it is recommended to go first to these places as a viewer. With this, you can see bidder´s behaviors. Being aware of the crowd, and understanding the bidding process will help you get the car you want for the price you want. Some bidders try to raise the prices on purpose and you have to be really careful in these situations. You do not want to end up paying more than you intended simply because of a bidding war.

Be smart

Having a little bit of knowledge about cars is always necessary when getting a car. That way you can check on your own the general condition of the car as well as estimate howmany improvements will be required. This can be done by researching as well as taking someone with you to the auction that is more knowledgeable than you are. Some bidders even take their mechanic.

Be confident

When bidding, you have to be confident and know the value of the car before your set a bid. Some people tend to bid high numbers without knowing the true value of the car. This causes other bidders to offer more money than the real value of the car even though they find it affordable. Don’t let other bidders push you to raise your bid, always be confident and sure about how much you are going to offer for a particular car.

Buying at a car auction can be both fun and a money saver, but you need to be prepared. When you have the 4 B’s to buying at an auto auction covered you are more likely to get the car you want for the price you want. Do not be afraid to take a friend or mechanic with you to help you make a knowledgeable purchase decision.

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