Top 11 Ways to Prepare Your
Car for Shipment

Top 11 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Shipment

When you are in need of professional car shipping, but you have to move long distances, you will need to take some measures before you get the job done. You will have to spend a lot of energy and time getting all your belongings to your new home, but your car deserves special attention and care. Considering the different types of services and the length of the travel, you will have to deal with regulations, customs, preparations which include insurance and more. Before you begin, you will need to take the following things into account so you can have your vehicle ready and waiting for the shipping process.

  1. You should ensure you wash your vehicle on a regular basis if you plan on shipping it in an open trailer. Doing so will show a lot of the issues that may be hiding underneath the dust – nicks and chips as well as scratches and more damage. This must be done before you call your chosen shipping company.
  2. You have to do what you can to remove your personal belongings from the car entirely. Car shipping companies will not be held responsible for damage to them or possible losses. These belongings are not covered by the contract. The same goes for decorations of all sorts as well as electronics that were not part of the car’s original setup. The last thing you need to do is to shut down the alarm system so it won’t turn itself on when the car is moved.
  3. Don’t fill up the gas tank of your car, as you will only have to pay extra money for the weight you provide that way. Only a quarter of a tank will do the job, saving you the efforts and some weight on top.
  4. Don’t forget to remove any specialty items you have on your vehicle, such as fog lights and the like. They can easily get damaged if you leave them on and the company will not be responsible for anything outside of the default vehicle.
  5. Remove or lower the antennae to prevent them from breaking as well.
  6. If you have wide mirrors on your vehicle, you should fold them so they won’t get damaged or broken during transport.
  7. You can protect the windows with some canvas.
  8. If you own a convertible, then you will have to keep it safe by raising the top and securing it for transport. This will help keep things safe from the elements while it travels. If you can’t really raise it, you will have to find a way to make up for it. A good tarp will get the job done, covering the vehicle and keeping water and dust from making a mess inside.
  9. Make sure that the car’s battery is charged and that its tires have been inflated properly.
  10. Look through and prepare a list of the mechanical problems your vehicle may have, as well as any quirks it might possess. Often only people who drive the vehicles know about their specific problems. Making a list of that kind will let the company drivers know how to start or work with your vehicle.
  11. Discuss the shipping process with the employees of the shipping agency. This will allow you to address any details you may have missed otherwise for a more fluid and trouble-free shipping experience. Good luck out there!

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